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This website is about GUN KATA (a fictional martial art shown in the movie Equilibrium) and GUN SAU which is a real martial sport based on one of the fight scenes in the movie.

Equilibrium is a sci-fi movie set in a world where World War 3 had already happened. To make sure that there is never another war the rulers of the new city of Libria force everyone to take drugs that stop their emotions. The idea is that if no-onme can feel angry then there can be no more wars or murders. However this also means that no-one is allowed to feel love or anything else.

The rulers of Libria have created a new kind of enforcer called the Grammaton Clerics whose job is to hunt down people who are Sense Offenders. The Clerics are highly trained martial arts experts who use a style created by the Tetragrammaton called GUN KATA.
The Gun Kata was developed based on studying thousands of gun fights on video. An expert in the Gun Kata is trained to predict where enemies will be standing and firing in a gun fight and take them out while avoiding return fire.

There are several different forms of Gun Kata shown in Equilibrium. One is a kind of solo or group kata which is used to teach the basic movements. There are also fight scenes in the movie that show Preston (the main Cleric who is the hero) using double handguns, pistol-whipping, unarmed disarms vs an armed enemy, sword fighting, etc.

The last fight scene is between Preston and Dupont who is the leader of Libria. They are both Gun Kata masters so this is a kick-ass fight! Unlike most of the other fight scenes in this one they are both using single handguns while fighting at trapping range using sweeps, locks, deflections, etc.

This fight scene was the inspiration for the new martial sport of GUN SAU.